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Cartoons and Caricatures are two different art forms.  I work as a caricaturist and teach the art of caricature.  But I’m not a cartoonist, although I occasionally teach cartooning–because it’s fun. People who sign up for the cartooning class are teachers and other lecturers who feel the need to liven up their act.  Good idea! As you might guess, interesting people sign up for my cartooning classes.  For example, I’ve had a college math professor, an early childhood development department chair, and a social worker in my cartooning classes. It’s not at all a goofy thing to do.  Takes practice and concentration.  Not that it’s academic, exactly, it’s fun. You know you’re in a fun course when your syllabus has the word Snoutology in it. But there’s a definite discipline to it.  I teach it with an underlying structure relating one cartoon animal to another and building from a simple face to more sophisticated forms.  This structure, by showing the evolution of complex forms from simple ones, makes it possible to memorize a repertoire of ten critters in a seven or eight week course. Plus hand gestures.  You can imagine that just being able to draw a cartoony hand pointing at a key word  would be an asset, instead of boring arrows, trite emoticons, and lame smiley faces.

The next cartooning class will be this fall, starting September 21, for seven sessions at Oakton Community College, Evanston Branch.    http://www.oakton.edu/conted/index.php You’ve got all summer to think about it. It’s fun and profitable.

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