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This summer, when I head out to do a picnic, I make sure I pack enough blue markers. Not Electric Blue, not Peacock Blue, and not Indigo.  It has to be Cerulean Blue, a new skin color, categorized along with boring old Peach, Salmon Pink and Light Walnut.  You never know, this may just be the picnic where everyone is Avatar crazy.  Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m ready for the whole tribe, imaginary or real.  To my great surprise it hasn’t happened yet. The Cerulean Blues are ready, but among the hundreds of people I’ve drawn in these past six Summer weeks, only one has gone for the Avatar theme.  He’s a computer guy, of course.  In fact, he designs computer games.  I drew him two years ago sitting at his favorite toy, playing the keyboard as if he were pounding out the Moonlight Sonata.  Doesn’t he look blissful!  This year—this is one of those perennial picnics I’ve talked about earlier—he’s there again, thank you Andrew– and his mind is full of Avatar amazement. Loved it.  He would, of course, since he could appreciate the technical wizardry more than those of us who paint on canvas with brushes. Voila, my first Avatar and so far my only one.  Any takers out there?  I have all this Cerulean Blue here…

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