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You know the party will go well when the hostess has the word peace in her email address, she lets you park in the circular driveway, and one of the end tables in the high ceilinged living room is whimsically hand painted.  Oh, and in back of the house after an expansive lawn — a lake.  Maybe not a lake exactly, maybe a sort of well-groomed Walden Pond to reflect an expanse of sky to meditate by.  Our event was a high school graduation party. Mom preferred to let everything run smoothly, without any rules about who could be drawn or in what order.  She knew that everyone would be gracious. And gracious they were.  Everyone.  What a lovely bunch of people.  One of the classmates had the peace symbol around her neck, with a multicolored ribbon.  Even a seven-year-old’s jewelry was about peace.  Long Grove, who knew.

Thank you, Debbie, Cammie, Brad, Josh, Danny, Kristin, Sophia, Luba, Allie, Lena, Bunny,  Alex, Rome, Nicole, Michelle, Bogdan, Joanna, Inna, Bunny, Adrian, Aiden, Landon, Natalie, Justin, Brian, Kyle, Franky, Staphanie, Deborah, Alec, Rachel, Taylor, Char-Char, Katie, Matthew,  Chris and many others.

Thank you, all. A wonderful party!


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