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How to Draw a Librarian

How?  With paper, pencil, and good posture.  Actually, I thoroughly enjoyed drawing them and I probably slouched a little when I did the drawings.  Turns out, librarians have a sense of humor, like all intelligent people.

I had been invited to fill the second floor display case at the Park Ridge Library with images and information about the Art of Caricature.  I was most happy to comply, of course.   So I drove to the well appointed library in beautiful down town Park Ridge, set myself up in Reference and drew thirteen staff members plus the president of the library. It didn’t take long, about four minutes per person, and off they were,  looking things up, solving problems left and right and generally showing off how organized,  competent and reliable  they are.   It’s what they do.  Now the 14 x 11 drawings are all up in the display case and patrons can see the people who’ve been answering their serious questions seriously in a lighter light.

The display case is fifteen feet long and about 5 feet high.  I had a ton of material to share, but chose just five themes.  1) The Librarians;  2) A small selection of the work I did at the Chicago History Museum from 2008 to spring 2010, which comes to hundreds of drawings that deserve a closer look in a future blog, I promise; 3) Party caricatures, of which you can see plenty right here on this blog; 4) drawing Garrison Keillor step by step,  as shown here in the post for May 10, 2010; and 5) some historical notes about the history of caricature: Leonardo da Vinci, William Hogarth, Honore Daumier, Pablo Picasso, Miguel Covarrubia,  Al Hirschfeld.  This last category is fascinating—Picasso, a caricaturist?!—will also be developed in some detail…later.  There are too many parties right now to report on.

The display at the Park Ridge Library is on the second floor and will be up through the month of August. It’s entertaining and, hey, educational!

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