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You’ve got to hand it to a school that throws a party in the middle of the day and on a Monday, at that.  I was set up under the sky light in the student union at Loyola University, the one by the lake.  The most frequently declared majors of my sitters were Biology and Political Science.  There was the  occasional double major with English and one major in—wow–musical theater.  My first model was a bio major named Jhanvi, which means “pure” in Hindi, or was it Gujarati.  How lovely, I thought, and then I asked what she liked to do and she said, she played football, touch football–but still football.  A friend of hers came to the table to inform me, emphatically, that Jhanvi’s nick name was “Bulldozer.”  Well, that was an auspicious beginning.  It went like that, one surprise after another, for four hours, from ten to two.  I had an absorbing conversation (it wasn’t always busy)  with Joe about… the Romans, brain surgery and art.  He showed me pictures of his art work on his ipod.  There were several giggling room mates.  There were couples, both of the meaningful-relation kind and the elbow-bumping kind, as in “we’ve known each other since kindergarten.”  I drew a tall lanky guy with a square jaw who said he would never have a tattoo because then he wouldn’t be able to donate blood for a year.  He donates frequently, a pint saves three lives, has been doing it since he was sixteen.  These were interesting, thoughtful people. One Kaytee was about to switch her major from can’t-remember-what to ART.  Yeah, that was a thrill!  I thought these little conversations were pretty interesting although Tom, the musical theater major with a dance minor, claimed that people in this school were mostly and,  for his taste, too straight laced.  One pre-med named Tooja (Gujarati for “scent of a flower”) thought she might go back to India once she has her medical degree because people there really need doctors.  Deep thinkers and serious citizens of the world.  I love drawing serious people.  Drawing serious people is fun!!

The event was called “All About You.”  If it evolves into an annual event, I hope to be there again next year.  Thank you, Ellen.


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