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They wanted a caricaturist, so they called the Indianapolis Art Center for a reference.  Voila!  I’m the only one there—or anywhere, as far as I know—who teaches the Art of Caricature.  I’ve been happily driving from Chicago to Indy to give weekend workshops in that fabulous Michael Graves-designed art school and now I get to drive down for a gig.  Yeah!

This was an appreciation party for volunteers on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Trinity Free Clinic in Carmel, Indiana.  The word “trinity” references Christian dogma, but it also reminds me of the word “triage,” which is very medical and medical is, of course,  what these people do.  The clinic serves those who lack insurance and the means to pay for medical care.   After everyone had eaten, the speeches started and someone recited something that would probably be classified as a prayer, but it was all in rhyme and very clever, a recitation of how wonderful the volunteers are.  I didn’t expect this kind of fun when I was driving down 65.  But here they were, telling me about majoring in French and studying in Paris; living and hoping in LA;  teaching math and hiking the Appalachian trail in the summer; residing at Clark and Fullerton, Chicago, in earlier days;  being forty and playing soccer with other moms; taking the kids on warehouse equipment and suspending them from a crane;  being retired from the FBI;  fighting with four sons tae-kwon-do style because mom has  a red belt; being creative and having the dirty dishes all over the house to prove it; wearing a skirt with an uneven and adjustable hemline; having  Hungarian ancestry ; and being “the normal one of the two of us” … good gracious, triage preserve me, these were interesting people.  In such company three hours go by too fast.  As I was packing up and belatedly enjoying chocolaty bits from the desert table, I eagerly asked when the next party was planned.  Oh, they said, not for another five year, because volunteers don’t like to be the center of attention, really, they just like to do their work.  Five years!?  Well, I’ll be waiting for that call.

One of the volunteers, I’ll call her Dee, will be the subject of a future post, all by herself.




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