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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

This morning, after reading just a few pages of “Nomad” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I knew it was time to draw this face.  I knew there would be no shortage of videos of her on the internet.  Drawing from photos is now a thing of the past—thanks to You Tube!  It’s important for me to see the face animated.  When a person talks spontaneously on a topic that engages her/him,  the face will reflect the mind’s involvement.  Very often the eyebrows move and it’s most interesting when one eyebrow moves up higher than the other.  The smile changes the angle of the eyes and is often a little asymmetrical.   The eyes blink or squint during the conversation, again unevenly.  The person will have an inclination to tilt the head a bit.  In Psychology 101 all this squinting, pulling and inclining is summed up in the word “affect.”  Affect, which simply means expressiveness, is what I look for in a face.  When I can’t find any expressiveness, I can’t seem to get interested.

Well, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a delight in the department of expressiveness.  I worked from just a couple of videos.



I started drawing in China Marker on gloss paper.  The first drawing was stiff and literal.  But the second drawing, also in China Marker, shown above, is already quite animated.  Then I reached for the PITT B pen and did three fluid drawing.  The third of the pen drawings, left, is a caricature.

For me, the word caricature is full of excitement, lacking any pejorative tone.

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