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After the Trinity bash in Carmel (see post, Nov 15),  I crashed at relatives in Indianapolis , drove to the University of Chicago the next morning and found parking—parking!—on 57th Street  two doors down from the Quadrangle Club.  I accepted this good luck without superstition, thinking that parking two or three block away would also have been welcome since in that case I would have had a longer walk through the drizzly, sweet-smelling, leaf-strewn, picturesque campus.  When you enter the foyer of the Quadrangle Club, you step on highly polished shale, you notice the Bokhara rug and the leather couches in the sitting areas, and the leaded-glass windows in the landing of the winding, balustrated staircase. Veddy, veddy posh,  not quite Arthurian, but definitely Pre-Raphaelite.  The sounds, however, were not lutey at all and nobody danced the gavotte.  The sounds at this simcha were all hard drivin’ rock-n-roll, hip hop and a dash of reggae to bend the spine. When the kids weren’t bopping on the dance floor in the adjacent room, they were wiggling and lip syncing all around me.  I was set up in the solarium, the light-drenched spacious middle room with a second floor view of afternoon fall foliage.  Perfect.  We were celebrating Monica L.’s bat-mitzvah.  Did I say “kids” earlier?  More like eleven going on twenty-four.  It’s a great age:  braces  and glitter and spaghetti straps and high heels that get kicked off by the time the chocolate fountain and the cake arrives on the desert table—which was in the solarium.  I drew forty-two girls and two boys.   So-called “adults” didn’t have a chance.

Congratulations, Monica!



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