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The recent International Family Festival at the McGaw YMCA in Evanston featured music, dance, all sorts of freebees  from  local businesses and organizations, face painting and—ta-tah—caricatures by me.  It was an honor to be chosen from the list of Chicago area  caricaturists.  Thank you, Lawrence and Mary!

One boy’s father told him to get in line to be drawn, but instead of getting in line, the boy stood behind me to watch.  Grayson  was fascinated and asked good questions.  His father came back to tell him to stand in line, but Grayson preferred to learn. He is among the few who “get” it.  He wanted to know how I learned to draw so good, and I explained that you have to keep practicing.  He was eleven, the age when kids who love draw often trade in this solitary interest for more gregarious, conformist peer activities. Grayson was  delightful and good company, but I finally said he deserved to be drawn and he agreed to sit.  Thank you Grayson!


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