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Ten on the tenth

On Sunday evening I got a call from a mom in Glenview who was planning a birthday party for her ten-year old the next day.  That would be on the tenth.  What a great idea!  If you turn ten on the tenth you shall have your birthday party on the tenth no matter what day of the week that happens to be.  Monday?  Fine, we’ll have your party on Monday.  And Monday it was.  It’s more than yet another great idea.  I’m in favor of writing this into law.  That way I’ll get to draw at birthday parties every day of the week, not just on weekends.  Hear ye, hear ye!   Let it be known…spread the word….

I drew twenty-four kids plus Tess, the dog, in about three hours.  And I got a piece of yummy birthday cake.  Thank you, Kathy.  Happy birthday, Grace.

It was a surprise party, where the younger sister was in charge of making sure that the birthday girl would be distracted upstairs as the party was being set up.   Here’s a sampling of the drawings I did yesterday at this wonderful party.




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