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Recent discovery: The art of caricatures fits nicely between the yummy of pizza and the woo-woo of the Ouija board.

When I arrived, the pizza had been cleared off the table and the six six-graders were playing tennis on a large tv screen.  Between serves and volleys, they sat for me.  Doesn’t take long.  I drew them all in an hour and by the time my markers were in the carrying case, the Ouija board was on the dining room table.  It goes fast.  Some giggles, some family talk, some references to black-and-white movies and Lauren Bacall…the twelve-year-old old-movie watcher came out looking like twenty-four, but she didn’t mind.  As bright girls, they also wanted to talk shop, about papers and markers, and that always pleases me.  Some interesting conversation about how to learn to draw, the question of talent vs. practice and the perennial “how long have you been doing this?”  (Twenty-one years.)  A fun and interesting evening with a spectacular view from the 19th floor to Lake Shore Drive at North Ave.    Happy Birthday, Nikki!


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