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This party was a benefit for the SEDOL Foundation.  It also happened to be the double-birthday celebration of its chairman David Raye and his wife, Donna—soul mates who met in kindergarten. (At left is my drawing of them.)  A hundred-and-fifty of their friends were there to make this occasion festive, in a casual sort of way, at Mickey Finns in Libertyville.  I feel privileged to have been chosen as the entertainment.  David gave a little talk about the work of SEDOL, a foundation that helps children with hearing impairments.  I was busy drawing at one side of the bar, while he talked with warmth, wit and tremendous energy and enthusiasm at the other end of the room.  My subjects were bright teachers, wise-cracking lawyers, eager gophers, photogenic importers of handmade goods,  toothy cooks, fidgety music students, former marines, reticent marketing types, burly firefighters, elegant  wearers of spooky jewelry,  sweet drummers…just your not-so-ordinary collection of engaged, smart, compassionate, good-humored people. Can you tell, I enjoyed this gig thoroughly.  There will be more birthdays and more benefits, I hope.  Best to you SEDOL!  Happy birthday, David and Donna!


Learn more about the SEDOL Foundation  at http://www.sedolfoundation.org/

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