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What makes my caricature drawings distinctive is the fact that my faces and figures actually look three dimensional and that I achieve this effect without using a smudging technique.  I use markers.  Markers are a clean, dust free, permanent medium that does not smudge and requires no spraying.    Kids standing around to watch me draw often say,  “ohmygod, it looks so real.”

The key to three-dimensionality is shadow.  You can see in the drawing of the girl with the full head of red hair, that the bangs hanging over her eyes cast a grayish shadow.  Without that shadow, the drawing would look flat.  Those all-important bangs would lack character.  Can’t have that.  In fact, I draw the shadow right after the line drawing is done, before I add any other color.  This freaks some younger kids out, because I also put a shadow under the upper lip and under the upper eye lid.  When there’s no other color in the drawing, this lavender-gray streak can look weird.  But then when they see the other colors coming in, it’s “ohmygod, it looks so real!”

In the examples below, notice the shadow cast by the upper eye lid and the eye lashes,  and also the shadow over the teeth cast by the upper lip.

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