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The Novel Expression Book Club in Aurora threw itself a birthday party to celebrate its fifteenth year.  I’ve been in book clubs that folded long before then.  Fifteen years!  Very impressive.  In those years the book club, now numbering fifteen members,  had read a hundred books. This being a club for African-American ladies, the reading list was full of books by African-American authors.  The food was abundant, the humor was abundant and riotous, and the hats were also abundant, but without being riotous—just flattering in a regal sort of way.

One of the ladies had worked as the decorator of the house.  As I was drawing her, she told me that she had a passion for Michelangelo and Botticelli, whose works in reproduction set the aesthetic focus for the entire house.   She was inexplicably drawn to that art.  We talked about the power of those images and the power of art in general.   I loved the company, both human and aesthetic.  It was a great ambiance to work in.  Thank you, Barbara!  Read on and let’s do this for the 101st book on the reading list!












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