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The summer months are all about company picnics, kids’ camp, birthday parties, cook outs, and weddings.  I love it.  I love all that fresh air, dimpled smiles and calypso by the pool. 

But there’s another kind of party and I’m not going to say, it’s the dark side, it isn’t, it’s just that I need to remind everybody that it may be time to plan for fall and winter parties, when we’re inside and we tend to be more—how shall I say it—adult.

 In that spirit, I’d like to review some of the possibilities. Look at the pictures below.  If you’re a high-powered corporate lawyer you may want to be drawn in a strait jacket from the Asylum, or in your bathrobe and with rollers.  If you’ve been married over fifty years, you run the risk of being drawn in a bath tub.  How about a wink and a glass of wine while your shoulder strap is sliding off.  A leopard skin  loin cloth, anyone?  You in a bikini on the beach?  The ol’ speedo?  Yesss, you as a rock star! Be advised, if you’re a professional boxer you’re giving me carte blanche. If you’re at the top of the corporate ladder, you’re driving a Mercedes and living in some fabulous mansion (Mc or otherwise) in Barrington, I’ll be tempted to draw you in clownish green pants and I’ll put black socks on your elegant wife.  But, of course, I’ll only draw with all the stops pulled if you actually did the pulling of the stops and I’ll thank you for it. 

Think ahead!  Think winter parties! Now, in the heat of July!

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