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Dorothy will be celebrating her 92nd birthday in August.  When she was in her 30’s and 40’s, she was a buyer for high end women’s clothing at Marchall Field’s on State Street in Chicago..

She still holds strong opinions about the course of fashion history, trashing most of the fashion developments from the hippies on through the recent “nighties” look–her term .  She likes a clean, well tailored line.  She believes in elegance and understatement.  But she loves the boots that have come into fashion lately, the elegant understated ones, of course.   I suggested we show her in the Jacques Fath “day dress” from 1951, which I know from the Chic Chicago exhibit at the Chicago History Museum. (I drew visitors at the Chicago History Museum during that exhibit.  See posts under “Chic Chicago” in this blog.) The Chic Chicago Fath dress was blue, but beige was the epitome of elegance for Dorothy during her working life. This drawing is inspired by photos of her when she was 38 or so.   Oh, and smoking added to the elegance back then.  Hmmmmm.   Happy Birthday, Dorothy!  Thank you, George and Mike.

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