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Raya and Stella

I drew at a double birthday party in Lombard, IL:  Raya turned five and Stella, her great-grandmother,  turned ninety.  It was a casual gathering of family and friends on the patio.  I love this scene.  The U-shaped house for maximum privacy in the back, the umbrella over the round table, the sun setting behind the trees in the distance, the kids standing around to watch me draw…I inspired them and they inspired me.  Stella, sharp and vivacious, told me that before her husband of sixty-two years died, they went dancing all days except Monday: “You got to sleep sometime.”

Congratulations Raya and Stella!  Thank you, Courtney and Alex..

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Reminder: As with all these posts, I show only a few of the many drawings I do at a party and sometimes it’s a hard choice.


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