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I had a tai-chi teacher once who played golf.  Until very recently, that was my only connection (if that) to this mystery with the little white ball.

What’s been happening recently is that golf players with a sense of humor (!!)  have found me and my art.  There are, apparently, a few golfers out there who occasionally have a really lousy day on the green. These are accomplished players.  But once in a while, everything goes wrong.  This was the case in September with two brothers, long time players both of them, who played in a local tournament and lost disastrously.  The errors, glitches, misses were so horrendous that they were, on later reflection, comical.  Hello?!  There’s nothing to do but call the caricature artist.  See if this will be therapeutic.

We’ll call the brothers Mike and Bob (not their real names) and say they played somewhere in New England at an undisclosed location.  They’re important guys, you see, and I’m not allowed to tell.  But what a relief, to discover that people who use words like anti-deluvian and fiduciary on a daily basis have such a robust sense of humor about themselves.

I think this is the funniest drawing I’ve ever made—or been allowed to make.  Thank you, Mike!

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