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In my work I draw people of all stripes and I enjoy them all. The work is never mechanical or repetitious. Everybody has something to teach me and to challenge me with.  I love this.  But I must say, I really do love drawing smart people.  It’s not that they teach me about the cosmological constant or the French subjunctive, I’m not talking about anything like that.  I mean the sense of humor that comes with intelligence.  Smart people are really funny!  And they really enjoy my drawings, always, inevitably.  So, yes, I love drawing smart people.

In early October—notice I’m catching up with my reporting—I drove out to picturesque Whalon Lake in Bolingbrook to draw at a company picnic for engineers and their families.  This was Intelligrated Systems and the engineering had to do with warehouse equipment, I think.  I often don’t get these corporate details straight, no matter, they were highly intelligent people and they GOT my humor.  You can see that in these photos.  What a treat, for them and for me!

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