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The next few posts will come out of this fantastic picnic I did in October for Intelligrated Systems.   I’ve decided to devote an individual post to one drawing and one subject, either couple or individual.  They all deserve this individual attention.  In fact, the event as a whole is filed in my memory under, TOPS, IDEAL, BEST.

I used to ask people to hold up the drawing under their chin so that I could get a record of both the face and the drawing as a way of documenting how I capture a likeness.  In the last couple of months I’ve adopted a different tactic.  Now I shoot the drawing while it’s still on the drawing board.  Then I turn the drawing around with my left hand and snap the shutter with my right.  This way I get the moment of truth, the moment when they react to the drawing without a trace of  self-consciousness.  I tell you, there’s nothing shallow about the caricaturing business.

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