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The wedding ceremony itself may be formal or informal, but the receptions are becoming more and more relaxed.  Even when the reception is held in a crystal chandeliered banquet hall, where the chairs are covered in white satin and wrapped with large bows (see July 19, “Wedding in Addison;” and July 29, “Wedding at Chateau Bu Sche” ), the feeling remains informal. Both the immediate family and the guests go to quite a bit of trouble to work out the details of the event and so, when they get to the reception at the end of the day,  they are ready to relax.  Perfect for a caricaturist!  I love doing weddings.

The reception for Kirsten and Rodney, in early October, was held at Francesca’s in Elmhurst. I enjoyed the wonderful friendly atmosphere.  People even brought me tidbits from the buffet, the occasional  small plate with easy finger food—mmm, yumm—to keep the artist fueled.  When everything goes  well on such a big day, it’s nice to end it with mirth and levity.  Hey, it’s what I do!

Shown here, a small sample of the many guests I drew that evening. I had drawn the bridal couple, K & R, from photos ahead of time and that drawing was on my table as I drew the guests.  (See Oct 5, “Engagement in the Lake”).  It’s great to work with imaginative people.

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