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I was treated like a rock star last night.   Was that because of my fine hot pink jacket with the brass buttons or was it because the hostess had looked at this blog (right here!) and recommended it to the others?  When Cherie and I were planning this part of the party, I had mentioned my work with the Chicago History Museum, where I drew visitors in the fabulous gowns from the museum’s collection.  Her mom, Florence, was turning ninety and Florence was a classy dame—as gentlemen used to say back in the day when gents wore hats and dames wore nylons with seams that were held up by garter belts.  So, of course, I was the artist of choice!  And I really was treated like an artist.  Amazement rang through the cozy room every time I held up a finished drawing.

This was an intimate family gathering, only eleven people.  Since I had two hours to draw this small group, I took out my large paper, 11 x 17, and worked in color. (Usually I use 8½x11 for color because it goes faster.)  The larger paper inspired more daring, a more flamboyant line, because the marker has a lot of space to show off on.  It just skates over that glossy paper.  Of course, the whole ambiance was so lively, with everybody so comfortable and relaxed, that I intuitively felt permission to just go for it.  Let’s see now, was this work or was I part of the family and having fun?

We were on Archer Avenue in Willow Springs, south of 104th, at Greco’s Italian Restaurant.  It’s the most unassuming, most unpretentious place.  As you pull in, you wonder why the parking lot for such a small place would be so big.  Then, when you taste the food you know: Greco’s is family owned and is popular for good reason.  Several reasons, actually.  Let’s just say, I admired the delicate fresco and window decoration, I appreciated the service,  I savored a bit of dinner and then lingered over the cake.  As I headed back towards 55, I tried to come up with excuses to haul myself from Evanston to the South Side more often.  Whom could I take to Greco’s for a birthday celebration and where on Archer is this bakery called Webers?  I’m working on it.

If I were a rock star, I would just direct my chauffeur.   We’d go there so often, I would just use a little hand signal and he’d glide the limo down to Greco’s with a stop at Webers.

Thank you Cherie for insisting that I taste the food!  I’m glad you chose me to entertain at this wonderful  celebration. Thank you Colette for sparkling gab.

I filed Greco’s and Webers under CULTURE.

Greco’s Restaurant   http://www.grecos.ws/

Webers Bakery   http://www.webersbakery.com/

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