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In mid-December I drove to Des Plaines to draw the new people at a service company.  This was a tradition there.  The office had a large wall where all the employees were celebrated in caricature form.

Why doesn’t every company do this!?  It creates a moment of levity in the midst of nine-to-five cubicle stress.  With the right caricature artist—!!!!—the humor will be lighthearted and the effect is uplifting.  People love to be drawn. It’s not like a snap show, so ordinary and every-day.  A drawing has the aura of class and tradition.  You can see by these faces at the moment when they first see the drawing, that they are filled with delight.

I can’t believe I get to do this.  I love my job.

Notice that the humor in these drawings is very different from the humor in the last post. This difference is important.  I adjust the way I draw to the setting where I work. You can be sure, the ambiance in a gray-and-beige office space is very different from the ambiance at a New Year’s Eve party, before or after the balloon drop!  But, hey, it’s all fun in its own way.

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