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After the Valentines’s Day party at the Hallmark (see post for Feb 26)  I drove down to 45th and California for a birthday party of two little boys, age one and two.  Grandma had come up with the basketball theme, cleared the living room floor and positioned two Fisher-Price basketball hoops on either end.  She obviously knew her family because this kept everybody busy. There were twenty-nine kids.  They lined up, boys and girls, and placed their shots with grace and assurance.   I drew them all in two hours and even had time for grandma, a petite, sensible woman wearing an outrageous fools cap. With a little imagination you can make a big party out of whatever you have at hand. Thank you, Vanessa!

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Here’s a small sample of the drawings I did that afternoon.  I drew at the rate of one every three minutes and this did not allow for complicated bodies.  It was important to get everybody drawn in two hours.


And now here’s grandma, the mastermind behind this party…

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