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The Sugar Creek Golf Club in Villa Park was a perfect setting for this cozy family party to celebrate Kaylee and Karlee’s first birthday.  It was a warm early-spring Sunday afternoon, but a bit blustery and so most  guests preferred the party room.  There were lots of toddlers and school age kids and I drew them all, with time left over for some couples.  Bailee, age ten months, and  propped in a high chair at a table close to me, showed interest in my work as soon as I arrived.  Here she is, curious about how she turned out.  The twins, Karlee and Kaylee, took time out from their social obligations and finally sat for me, but only for a few seconds.  A few seconds is all it really takes sometimes.  I’ve learned that one-year-olds have to be drawn very fast.  It’s fun.    Thank you, Brittney!


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