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Somebody should do a study of why eleven year old girls are so wonderful.  They are probably my favorite demographic in the caricature business.  The absolute best crowd for caricaturing is undoubtedly the inebriates at a December party, but they are so special, they don’t count in the real order of things.  Right after them would come the super-smart such as the Intelligrated party I did last summer [see index at right]  and, ta-tah, eleven-year-old girls.  Pure delight and spontaneity.  The pen just flows over my paper.  Love every moment.  Thank you, John and Laura.  Happy Birthday, Sophia!

(For December parties, see posts Dec 13, Jan 8 & 31, and Feb 4, 2012. For the smart people I’m highlighting here, posts Nov 8 & 9, and Dec 30, 2011)

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