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Part of the fun of looking at these pictures is in comparing the real face with the caricature.  In this case, the lighting where I was set up at Opa’s Restaurant allowed me to only get shots of the drawing, not the person.  But if you’ve been following this blog even a little, you know that the drawing always captures a likeness—with a comic twist, of course.  So, here’s a gallery of poised, well-groomed young women, drawings only.  There’s a rule book somewhere that says you have to have long-long-long hair when you’re sixteen , but as you can see, they manage to project their own individuality.  Happy Birthday, Christina!















































That last one is the birthday girl, of course, she got to go in full color.  And now a few boys and then a very stylish mom who works out and speaks four languages.  It’s always interesting,





























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