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The top floor at the Double Tree Hotel in Skokie is a very comfortable space for a large family event and the view is always great, even on a foggy afternoon, like this one.  I always enjoy bar-and-bat-mitzvahs because the kids are so varied, from very dressed up to shirts out and barefoot, from demure to mischievous.

I particularly enjoy the event when I’m asked to work in color.  Working in color takes only a little longer than working solely with black marker and the kids enjoy the result so much more.  That’s my impression, anyway.  A black/white drawing is more elegant, granted, but a color image is vibrant.  If you look closely at these drawings in color you’ll see that the black lines are sparse and that much of the impact of the image comes from color.  If I had not used color, I would have had to add many more black lines to make the drawing clear and intelligible.  So, you see, it’s a wash, color only takes a minute or two longer than black/white and it’s worth it.  I’m all for the elegance of b/w, but color…wow!

Here are a few pictures from that party.—————————————

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