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Continuing the theme of color vs. black/white  (see previous post),  this profile shows what a line drawing at its best can do.  By “best”  I mean that the line is lively and economical, nothing is overstated, nothing can be taken out without ruining the whole.  This style is perfect for corporate events. It’s to the point and elegant.   It’s also very quick. From an artist’s point of view, this is harder to do than color, because in a line drawing like this, there can be no second thoughts.  It’s all there in three or four minutes.  Full stop.

A small convention of very technical techies met at the Hyatt to compare notes and practice their techie lingo.  You can invite me to all these meetings and trust me not to reveal your tech secrets.  They talked right in front of me as I was drawing them and I caught the occasional conjunction and preposition.  I’m safe, I’ll never be a cyber-spy.  They were gracious to me, a mere mortal, and three of them—three!—were art enthusiasts and collectors.  What a treat!

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