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At Michael’s party (see previous post) the grandparents recognized my name.  They saw it every day on the wall in their house.   I had drawn them back in 1995 at a posh private party in a condo at the top of the Four Seasons  tower.  They told me that they enlarged the drawing to double its size and framed it.  It must be about 30” high, judging from the photo they emailed me recently, which shows the 2012 drawing (14” high) next to the framed drawing from 1995.  They love it!

(For my part, I remember the fabulous art collection in that condo.  I was set up near a huge Ed Paschke, horizontal format, showing two masked faces, with green as the dominant color. How could I forget.)

This is most rewarding for me.  Sure, keep inviting me to draw at your parties, keep throwing money at me, thank you very much.  But this!  You enlarge my work and frame it beautifully and love it every day—this truly means a lot to me.  Here’s me taking a bow:  Thankyouthankyouthankyou!


(The paper is always a bright white.  The yellow or gray tone in these photos is due to the lighting in the room and the fact that I’m too casual about camera settings.  No time for that.)


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