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A line drawing in black/white is elegant. If you love movies from the ‘30’s, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, you’ll want an elegant line drawing.  But if you’re five, you don’t care about elegance.  You respond to color.  In fact, mom and dad will also prefer to see their darling in color.

Earlier this year, in March, I changed my drawing technique, switching to a combination of Utrecht, Chartpak and Prismacolor markers , that allows me to work very fast.  A color drawing now takes about the same time as a black/white drawing, maybe a minute longer if it’s a full body drawing.

The drawings I did for a child’s birthday party in Bartlett recently illustrates this point.  The stripes in the t-shirt take as long to make in black as in red or any other color.  Look how gripping that gaze is.  Without the skin tone, the eyes are not nearly as powerful.  They wouldn’t stand out as much.  Anybody can see that.

In other words, for kids go with color.  It’s worth it!


(Btw, kids don’t smile when they’re being drawn and when mom says “smile” they just force a grin.  It’s serious business for them.)

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