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The Victory Center is an extensive,  well-appointed senior living complex in Bartlett, IL.  Now picture the large parking lot full of vintage cars: Model T, ’56 Chevy convertible, finned Cadillac, De Lorean’s sea gull, et al.  Spectacular. This was the brain child of the activities director who somehow had persuaded the owners of these fabulous cars to come on by—drive in your precious vehicle. (I heard that somebody drove a fifty’s Ford all the way from Ann Arbor, MI.)   Party time in the parking lot!  And golden oldies on the turn-table.

Thank you, Rose!

Because of threatening rain drops,  I was set up inside in the lobby, where I drew twenty-eight people in two hours.  Featured above and here at left  is “Pat the Cat.”  She called herself that because, she explained, like a cat she has nine lives, she keeps coming back.

Here are a few more of these good-humored people, starting with a fire cracker who has always been called “Button.”  She told me about her adventures as a model in art classes, and that would be life classes.  Gotta love it.

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