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When I first started drawing caricatures, babies scared me.  I mean, drawing them scared me.  I knew that I was there to please the parent and the parent wanted “cute.”  I can do cute.  But at the same time I have always seen babies as having a lot of character and individuality.  Babies are actually serious people, I think, always working it out:  how does all this stuff that’s coming at me fit together and how can I outsmart everybody around me?  Hard work, takes a lot of concentration.

So I like to draw them looking assertive, with shoulder up, hand on hip, or elbows on table, biceps strong.  Turns out, parents actually like this.  Probably because they also see their baby as an individual with character.

Here are just a hand-full, from recent parties.  The last one shown here had such a mature face, that he came out looking like a teen-ager in the drawing.  Dad said, yup that’s him.

Btw, a baby is anyone who has to sit on somebody’s lap to be drawn.

(There’s a worthwhile documentary called “Everybody Loves Babies,” 2010, director Thomas Balmes.)

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