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Not only could everybody be a judge, but everybody could be an artist.

Here’s a brilliant idea for all you Human Resource people.  The employees are encouraged to bring in their own art work.  It will be displayed in, let’s say, a conference/lecture room.  Then one late afternoon you throw a little refreshments-and-nibbles party in that large room and everybody comes in to vote on the art work.  Gets people talking and mingling, and isn’t that part of the HR job description!

And, of course, you bring in that famous caricaturist, whatshername, to draw everybody.  So, that’s what I did in this wonderful art-loving atmosphere. This was an international consulting firm in the Loop just across from the Thompson Center.  Class act, Rohan!  Thank you.

Here are a few of the exhibitors and judges. Sorry about the glare. My drawing paper has a gloss finish (like a magazine cover) and I don’t want to spend time fiddling with the camera angle when I’m taking these photos.












































































Notice, it was mostly women. If the activity had been centered on sports rather than art, would it have been mostly men?  You think so!?  The next drawing shows a tiny woman with very long hair.




















Totally losing it, absolute hilarity.

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