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David got this drawing as a retirement gift from Kraft. As a consummate salesman, he plans to help his daughter in her real estate business.

Let me point out a couple of expressive details in this drawing:

1) The bare feet tell us that the job is a piece of cake for him; if you squint a little and image him wearing shoes, the whole picture loses this ease.

2) The fat pencil on his ear tells us that he’s successful, he checks off houses on his list in a major way.

These details were inventions of mine, inspired by what the client told me she wanted the picture to convey.  To heighten the expressiveness of a drawing you have to let go of literalness.  The man literally wears shoes to his office, sits behind a desk, and clicks around on his computer.  But that scene makes for a dull picture.  So, we take off his shoes, put his office chair (golden!) on the lawn, and perch a check-that pencil on his ear.  You look at this and you get the message, instantly.

The drawing is 14 x 11, a wonderful size for me to work in because in this large size I can use a brush-tip marker which produces a juicy, calligraphic line. For the smaller size (8½ x 11) I use a finer marker, which is neat but can’t produce such a bold line.  Thank you, Elaine!

Best to you, David!

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