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Living in this condo building, many residents got to know the kids as they were growing up and, given the great neighborhood, many people stayed for years.  When the family found another place to live, on the West Side, one of the condo friends gave a going away party.  She had a first floor unit with one of those Lincoln Park back yards that are walled and full of exotic plants and sculptures and good outdoor furniture, buffet and all.  My set-up only takes up 4’x4,’  perfect!  I drew everybody and was invited to have a “cheeseburger,” yeah, right, with fillet mignon.  Hey, it’s Lincoln Park.  Thank you, Vera!

Oh, when I draw couples, the man usually gets drawn first and his face takes about two minutes.  As soon as the face is blocked in, he gets up and returns to the conversation or the food or the UN or whatever global organization he’s in charge of.  Hence, more often than not, I present the drawing only to the woman at close range and he chuckles at it from across the room or the yard.


















































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