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If you scroll down in this blog you’ll notice that baby showers are becoming something of a specialty for me.  I welcome this 13LangCplExpectBIGdevelopment in my career.  I love drawing the pregnant couple with the Out! Out! speech bubble  over the tummy and mommy’s dress will be either pink or blue, depending on who’s expected. And, of course, everybody is so UP and excited with expectation.

Here’s what the host and expectant father  wrote about be in his feedback to the party planning agency through which he had found me:  ” Katherine arrived 30 min early just as she said to set-up, she was very warming, and full of excitement while interacting with people she was drawing. Her work is truly special and unique!! She managed to capture the personalities of everybody she worked with in her drawings!! I without a doubt know that she took the party from good to great with her drawings, energy, and most importantly her professionalism. I look forward to having her at all of my events in the future, she’s just that good!! Thank you  [party planning agency] and a very special thank you to Katherine Hilden you are truly a great talent, artist, and person, thank you.”

Thank you, David!  Best to you, Dominique and the baby girl!


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