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It was a family party on Mothers’ Day in Naperville, a cozy gathering of just sixteen people. But the hostess and I had a secret.  I was to draw her and her husband, showing her proposing to him.  The speech bubble would say, “Will you 13Neufeldt8marry me, again?”  So that’s how I drew them.  I think he must have known this was planned.  Yes, he must have, because there was talk about doing this formally in church the following week.  Anyway, after I had drawn them, she went down on her knees, took his hand, declared her love for him and asked him to marry her again. Right there in front of me, in that tight little space.  Really, it was quite moving. What a privilege to witness such heartfelt emotion! 

I drew all sixteen people in full color on 11 x 14 in two hours.

Thank you, Sarah, and congratulations!————————–


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