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13Drako9bI was the caricaturist of choice at Dmitri’s birthday party.  His wife told me that everybody was going to speak 13Drako9Russian.  So I went to YouTube and learned some Russian phrases.  The most useful thing to say, I thought, would be “excuse me.”  The phonetic  approximation  comes out as “eez-veh-NEE-dzeh.”  It also means “I’m sorry.”  What the hostess didn’t tell me was that everybody also spoke excellent, educated English.  Still, I wanted to practice my new Russian phrase and that’s what I said when I presented the drawing: “eez-veh-NEE-dzeh.”  They got the joke, of course.Sophisticated people always get my jokes, sometimes while putting up with bad pronunciation. Thank you, Yuliya!—————————–13Drako8b13Drako813Drako1013Drako10b13Drako7b13Drako7a13Drako5a13Drako513Drako6b13Drako613Drako213Drako2b13Drako3b13Drako313Drako413Drako4b13Drako1b13Drako1

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