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The theme at this corporate golf outing was “what you did in college.”  The paper I drew on was pre-printed to look like a ruled notebook page, with the lines 13Esrock8bbecoming lighter in the center where the face would be.  Somebody in Human Resources was very clever!  On the corner at the bottom there was the company name and then “School Colors.”  The drawing was supposed to look like a doodle with bright colors added here and there.  How could this not be fun!!

The idea was for the person to tell me about their college activities so that I could incorporate that in the drawing. The men came in neat pants and golf shirts (tucked in with belt), and gave me one bit of information to work with.  The women, predictably,got more into the theatrics.  Many came in cheerleader costumes and gory make up and entertained me with enthusiastic, expansive chat.  No surprise there.  Why the costumes got gory and Halloween-y, I never found out.  Must me a company in joke.

When I work with a good idea and I’m given free reign, the pen just flows.  What a great afternoon! Thank you, Jackie!

As is often the case with corporate events, there were speeches and during that time everybody paid attention and I didn’t have anyone to draw. But still, I got 22 of them in 3 hours.  Here are a few.—————


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