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It was pouring.  I was set up under one of the ten white tents.  Every twenty minutes or so someone came by 13Bikes1with a broom stick to poke the tent roofs so that the accumulated water could release to the ground.  Good grief! Saturday had been a fine sunny mid-September day and Monday was going to be glorious again, but the Sunday in between, yukk, buckets of rain all day.  It was particularly painful, since this was all about biking.  Not only that, it was about raising money for custom built bikes for disabled kids—as gifts to them.  By 10:30 a.m. when I was setting up under the soggy tent, a set of bikers was 13BikesAalready coming back from their benefit ride. I could see umbrellas and hoodies, but some people just walked around soaked.  Predictably, attendance at this event was low, though it was a carefully planned benefit.  I suggested to the organizer, that it would be best if I worked in color.  Color takes a little longer, but there wasn’t going 13BikesBto be a line anyway.  And color would possibly cheer things up a bit.  I ended up drawing only eight people in two hours.  There just weren’t many people around and those who did come seemed more concerned about grabbing something hot to drink.  Good work, Tamara! Try again next year, don’t give up.————————




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