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When I hear an unfamiliar name I often ask what it means.  I’m slowly building my vocabulary in Hindi (hah!) and here are some of the words I learned at a 13BombayWheaton6company picnic for a computer company that used to be in Bombay but a few years ago asked all its super smart people to pack up and move to,  where else, Wheaton.  So, I learned that Ankita means “smiling princess; “  Pavithra = pure;  Rohan = progress; Shristi (a girl’s name)= universe, creation;  Palash(a boy’s name)= name of a flower;  Nabeeha = intelligent, Pratham = first.  Btw, Joshua (the only blue-eyed kid I drew) means “Saviour,” but I already knew that.  Gosh, I love words.  Anyway, this was a lovely afternoon in the shade at Blackwell Forest Preserve in Wheaton.

Now my Hindi skill is making rohan, I feel like an ankita and slowly, as I admire the palash growing near me, I’m being transformed into a more nabeeha  particle in the shristi. Wow.  Oh, joshua,  I’m ready for my pratham quiz!


13BombayWheaton2Here are just a few drawings from that afternoon. Thank you, Sunny!

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