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13Gurnee1bThis is an early afternoon holiday party for a department in a large North Shore company.  The head of the department thought her crew deserved a fine meal and 13Gurnee1the dubious honor , haha, of being caricatured.  She wanted very personal drawings, reflecting quirks and personality traits.  The coworkers were encouraged to give me ideas, all in high spirits and with great enthusiasm.  In such an engaging atmosphere, the work is sheer pleasure and I’ll let the pictures document that feeling.  Some shots are blurry, because of the liveliness of this group.  When you see the top of someone’s head, you know that he was folded over with laughter after he’s seen the drawing. Priceless, really.  I drew seven-teen people in full color n two hours.  Thank you,  April!——————————-

13Gurnee3a 13Gurnee3b 13Gurnee4a 13Gurnee4b 13Gurnee5a 13Gurnee5b 13Gurnee6a 13Gurnee6b 13Gurnee7a 13Gurnee7b 13Gurnee8a 13Gurnee8b 13Gurnee9a 13Gurnee9b 13Gurnee10a 13Gurnee10b 13Gurnee11a 13Gurnee11b 13Gurnee12a 13Gurnee12b 13Gurnee13a 13Gurnee13b 13Gurnee14a 13Gurnee14b 13Gurnee15a 13Gurnee15b 13Gurnee16a 13Gurnee16b 13Gurnee17a



































































































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