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14Tapia1aLook at this expressive face.  I love drawing kids who are self-assured.  This girl faced me as if she were 14Tapia1bdoing her job while I was doing mine.  We were partners in an interesting enterprise.  My drawing of her celebrates the asymmetry in her face, a sign of intelligence and maturity.

All the kids at this party were poised.  When I asked them what subject they liked in school,  they all said math.  Some added reading. Love it!

14Tapia13aThe Monaco Hotel on Wacker and Dearborn in Chicago has the most welcoming, elegant lobby.  I arrived so early that I had time to sit by the fire place and read.  I kept looking up to study the design of the lobby and its furnishings—an excellent learning opportunity.

The party for the one-year old was in a banquet room and very well organized.  14Tapia13bVery often, at a kids party I have to wait for the little ones to cooperate.  Note here.  There was never a lull between drawings.  I drew all the kids and then some adults.  In two hours, twenty-three people.  Thank you, Evelyn!

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