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I’ve done the Crown Picnic in Wauconda for at least ten years and, like the other five or six caricaturists there, I have my fans. The same people come to sit for me year after year and they bring their friends. More than that, we actually hug when we see each other and I hear news about job changes, knee operations,how 14CrownBridgetAthe brother in Las Vegas is doing  and how the kids are progressing in their careers.
Above and at right, I’m showing Bridget. Her neighbor, Fred, had told me about how fast she pulled her red SUV into the driveway the other day. “On two wheels,” he said. Fred, an aeronautics engineer, was unemployed now because his company just moved to Florida, so he said I should draw him selling pencils on a street corner. So, I did.
The couple masquerading as the Flintstones…oh, well, a long story that has to do with making somebody else jealous. See? We’re old friends there at the Crown Picnic and we gossip, just as you’d expect.———————————————

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