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AirlineAMichael fell in love with airplanes before he was ten and ever since, he’s been looking down from a plane, studying our globe’s topography as often as he can. He’s worked for airlines for thirty years now and his wife thought this was something worth throwing a party for. We were at The Wildfire in Glenview. Some family members flew in from the coasts to celebrate Michael’s frequent flying.
As an avid traveler, Michael naturally has a love of cultures and languages, too. Particularly, French and German, his wife Gail told me over the phone.

MoiBeretSo, I wore my velour beret and spoke French—right from the start and unapologetically. I explained, in French, that the wife has flown me in from Paris expressly for this party. (My French is flawless when I’m with people who don’t speak any French , beyond merci and bon voyage. When I’m traveling in France, not so much. Ha.)
When I had to communicate with someone about sitting or turning, I gestured dramatically, just like a tourist. I have never done this before, but it worked. People were a little baffled, probably wondering how Gail and Michael got so rich all of a sudden to fly in a Paris artist just for this family get-together. By coincidence, my carrying case has the Eifel Tower on it. I would point to it and so there, what more proof do you need! Very funny. At the end of the party, when I drew Michael and Gail, I switched to German, because Gail had told me that German was his most fluent language. So now, Michael was baffled. What a treat for him. Really, very funny. I loved every minute of it and so did everybody else. Thank you, Gail! Onward and upward, Michael!
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