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At family parties, yes! At a family party the men are cooperative in every way, helping move this and fix RoselleBthat, in charge of the BBQ, helping with the serving, the pouring, playing with the kids, laughing at whatever needs to be laughed with…angelic beings. The women are funny, sassy and sexy. So, “bad” in that sense. Take it from an expert party goer. I sit there drawing away and I probably look meek and humble, but, girlfriend, I hear and see everything. I should write a book. Haha.
This was the 60th birthday party for one of these RoselleCsweet guys, in Roselle. Lot’s of construction supervisors and engineers. In three hours I drew at least thirty-three people. Sheer pleasure, to be surrounded by sweet, generous men and sassy, generous women. I love my job. Thank you, Kara and Mary! Happy Birthday, David!—————————


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