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PascalBI drew twenty-six dental hygienists at the Hyatt. (A funny sentence. Say it fast.) It was their convention and the tables were full of pokey, sharp tools. It must have been a relief for these women (almost all were women) to find Pascal Dental, for whom I worked that afternoon, to sit down for 5 minutes for a caricature by– ta-tah!—that famous Chicago caricaturist and have a good therapeutic, stress-relieving belly laugh. I tend to think that a sense of humor is a sign of superior intelligence (an occupational bias of mine) and so I came away with

PascalAthe feeling that these dental hygienists all have more brain power than is required for picking the right scraping tool after they say, “open wide.”
I love their reactions and that’s what you see here. You can tell from the drawings that I had as much fun as they did during those two hours. Thank you, Steve and Juliana. 

And what about this trio? What could be the dynamic in that office?  They thought this was a riot!————-

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