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The daughter found me. We were celebrating her parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. My caricatures were perfect for this occasion. Why would LakeBluff2caricatures be such a good idea for this celebration? First, they lived in a cul-de-sac where the neighbors were so neighborly that the turn-around had an island with a fire pit and a permanent circle of chairs. Hanging out was a way of life with these people. They knew each other well, which made them comfortable with funny drawings. People who were not neighbors, were old friends, going back to their school days. Everybody, in other words, was super comfortable. Teasing was part of their grammar. Second, the seventies look funny now, not only to the kids’ generation but to the people who got married then. Everybody pointed and chuckled at the displayed wedding picture: the ruffled shirt, the white suit, the mustache, the hair, the HAIR! Somebody get a caricaturist for this party! I’m glad you found me, Katie, thank you. This party was a blast and my markers just took off, as you can see from the drawings and the reactions when people first see them.

For a wonderful documentation of this party, see Eva K Ho’s slide show, https://vimeo.com/135575425.  Contact, (312) 752-8583 eva@evaho.com,  www.evaho.com

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