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You know how when you throw a party at your house everybody congregates in the kitchen?Exactly. Why not throw a party that’s held IN the kitchen. Take it one step further: rent someone else’s kitchen and engage a cooking teacher. That roughly describes The Social Table at Armitage & Halsted in Chicago.
To celebrate her husband’s 60th birthday, Lilia invited twenty six friends, mostly couples, to The Social Table, where they would participate in the cooking of their dinner under the expert guidance of a chef, this one named Ian. They worked on a stainless steel table (the chopping and slicing had already been done by the staff) and when everything was cooked, they cleared the table and, well, feasted. Feasted. What else could you call such eating! I was set up at another table, where people sat for me very briefly, maybe 3 minutes each, so that I could draw their faces. Later, while the cooking heated up, I added the bodies and finished the drawings. Then I presented them in clear plastic sleeves while the main course was still in progress and the wine glasses were being refilled. All to much applause and laughter. Then, guess what, I was invited to enjoy their perfect halibut-in-roasted-red-pepper-sauce. Thank you, Lilia!
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